Spicydecor - Get your decal on Prep Your Surface

In order for decal to stick, you need a smooth, dry and clean surface. To ensure such cleanliness, grab a cloth and give your surface a quick wipe down. Don't forget to wash behind the ears.

* For freshly painted walls, allow 2 weeks for the paint to cure. We know... it takes patience, but it's better than applying decal to a wet wall. 

Spicydecor - Get your decal on Plan your Design

To avoid designer's remorse, tape your decals onto your surface before removing the backing. Step back and admire. If you like what you see, then go for the gold. 

* Depending on your pattern, you may need to cut loosely around the decals so you can have complete freedom to arrange them as you wish.

Spicydecor - Get your decal on The Rub

Now it's time to shift the weight of your decal to the transfer tape. To do so, lay your design on a hard surface, graphic side down. Firmly rub or squeegee over the entire backing with squeegee, your hand, a credit card, rubber spatula, etc... Don't hesitate to give it some gusto. 

Spicydecor - Get your decal on Roll-Mush-Pull

Start at one corner & slowly peel away the paper backing with a rolling action. 

* Some intricate patterns may want to stick to the backing; simply stop peeling, roll back a bit & repress the decal onto the transfer tape.

Spicydecor - Get your decal on Get your Decal On!

Using your best British accent, hold two corners of the transfer tape (with decal, of course) and stick to your desired surface. Smooth one edge onto the surface first, to avoid wrinkles and bubbling, and continue firmly smoothing out the tape all the way down.

* Ask for another hand if the image is bigger than you can handle.

Spicydecor - Get your decal on Roll-Mush-Pull, the Sequel

Now that you've applied your graphic, it's time to remove the tape. Start at one corner & slowly roll it along your surface. If any part of the decal sticks to the tape, simply stop pulling, roll back a bit & repress graphic onto the surface and continue peeling away, slowly.

Spicydecor - Get your decal on Shazzam !!

You've just created a one-of-a-kind art exhibit. And although we can't see what you've done, we're sure it rocks. Good job. 

* Bubbling may occur after the graphics are applied. Simply take a thumbtack or needle and poke the bubbled area a couple of times, then smooth it out with your hands. 

Spicydecor - Get your decal on Ready for a new look?

Removing decal sticker is simple. Pick at an edge with your fingernail and slowly peel the decal off your surface. It's just like taking down a sticker. If you decal'd outside the box and applied your graphics to a less porous surface like glass, give decal a blow-dry (set on low heat) to warm it up. This will release the adhesive and make it even easier to peel off. Poof. Back to new.