Wallpaper Material Specification

1. High GSM

180 GSM
Belgian Non Woven Smooth Finish Paper Material


2. High GSM with Matt Lamination

180 GSM
Belgian Non Woven Matt Finish Paper Material


3. High GSM with Gloss Lamination

180 GSM
Belgian Non Woven Gloss Finish Paper Material


4. 3D Self Adhesive Vinyl

260 GSM
3M quality with Korean 3d Lamination Water-Proof Vinyl Material


5. Glitter Paper

210 GSM
Korean Textured Glitter Paper Material


6. Non Glitter Textured (also available in self adhesive)

210 GSM
Korean Textured Paper Material

Characteristics of Belgian Non-woven and Korean Materials -

Good lightfastness
Low flammability
Eco Solvent Ink Printable
Free of PVC, solvents and formaldehyde
Washability/Cleaning - Washable Material and can be cleaned softly with a damp sponge or cloth
Neither expands or contract - Don't change size or shrink when dried after installation.
Can conceal cracks
Very easy application

About Non woven paper -

Non-woven wallpapers are a total success story as they have revolutionised the market. The carrier or backing material of the wallpaper consists of cellulose or textile fibres which is strengthened by a binding agent, resulting in additional advantages like high light-resistance and durability. Designs and patterns, colours, structures, plasticity and the effect they lend to a room are important elements the non-woven wallpapers provide.